A New Look and More with DaviesMoore

Fans at CenturyLink Arena this past week got their first glimpse of the newest jersey in the Steelheads’ closet, the new navy blue alternate jersey that features the new alternate logo. The new logo emphasizes the state of Idaho but also incorporates numerous features of past Steelheads emblems. While the alternate logo and the rebranding of other Steelheads marks this season have been a new feature for Steelheads fans, they are the product of a partnership that has supported Steelheads hockey for years.

The Steelheads’ new logos and designs this season were dreamed up in the Steelheads front offices, with President Eric Trapp and other staff members brainstorming numerous options for a new team look. Also assisting in the design, roll out, and execution of the markings was Boise marketing agency DaviesMoore.

It’s certainly not the first time that DaviesMoore has had a hand in a Steelheads redesign.

“Our creative team updated the Steelheads’ logo suite many years ago, and the ‘fish logo’ became a favorite among fans and stakeholders,” said Danna Smith, a DaviesMoore Account Director who manages the company’s work with the Steelheads.

“It’s exciting to see the recently updated “fish logo” being used on players’ jerseys, programs, the website, and more. The Idaho Steelheads logo is unmistakable and the fresh new look only strengthens its identity.”

The revamped logo for this season still boasts the same features fans have worn on hats, jerseys, and t-shirts for years, but with a sleeker design.

“We felt the logo needed a refreshing. The balance of it certainly is better now,” said Eric Trapp, President of the Steelheads. “After a few years, a lot of marks look to update and become more current.”

It is decisions like this that often bring the Steelheads and DaviesMoore together, deciding how to better connect with hockey fans in the Treasure Valley. That included a complete overhaul of the team website in December 2015.

“In addition to creating more content and making our website more user-friendly for our fans, DaviesMoore also helped us to make sure our audience would have a first-rate mobile experience as well,” said Trapp. “It’s just one example of how they have recognized trends and helped us to constantly modernize and give our fans a fresh product.”

The new third jerseys are already a favorite for the players, with the Steelheads wearing them for all three contests against the Oilers. It’s a look that allows the team to move forward while also tipping its collective cap to the great teams of the past.

“We’re going into our 21st season and it’s kind of the mark of a new era,” said Steelheads Head Coach Neil Graham. “It’s important to remember where we came from, but it’s also important to evolve and stay current.”

“We’ve again incorporated the state of Idaho, which we thought was more appropriate branding for us. We’re proud of our home state and we love the iconic look of the state of Idaho,” said Trapp. “It’s a look that we think is dynamic and unique to our team.”

Whether a team is making tweaks around the edges or unveiling something totally new, there is risk involved when the earlier adaptations are so ingrained in the fan base. For that reason, a trusted partner like DaviesMoore can add the proper guidance to make the transition a success.

“We have a long-standing history with the Idaho Steelheads, as they’re our original client. We consider it a point of pride that we still work together and it’s just as much about the partnership as the work,” said Smith. “Relationship aside, we’re proud of the entertainment value the Steelheads bring to Boise and their staff and players’ philanthropic contributions. They’re an asset to the community and we’re thrilled to be associated with them.”