Steelheads Announce Roster for 20th Anniversary Reunion Game

Boise, ID (3/16/17) –The Idaho Steelheads will welcome back 27 former players on March 25th when they host the 20th Anniversary Steelheads Reunion Game, a night of family fun for players and fans alike and for remembering two decades of great moments at CenturyLink Arena.

Former Steelheads will be split into Team Blue and Team White, with the rosters featuring six members from the 2004 and 2007 Kelly Cup Championship teams and numerous players from the team’s days in the West Coast Hockey League. The top two scorers in Steelheads history will lead the teams, with Marty Flichel serving as the coach for Team White while Cal Ingraham will lace up the skates for Team Blue. Darrell Hay and Scott Burt, who were members of both Kelly Cup teams, will also be in attendance.

The rosters are as follows:


TEAM BLUE                                                                                  TEAM WHITE

#4  Travis Turner – CenturyLink Arena                           #2  Scott Davis – 1997-00

#5  Kory Scoran – 2006-09, 2011-12                                 #4  Sam Fields – 1997-98

#6  Roy Mitchell – 1999-01                                           #5  Jonathon Shockey – 1998-00; 02-03

#7  Johnny MacMillan – Toronto Maple Leafs              #6  Mark Broz – Steelheads TV

#9  Tommy Lange – 2011-12                                              #7  Bobby Stewart – 2001-02

#11 Troy Edwards – 1997-00                                            #14 Dan Shermerhorn – 2000-03

#12 Scott Burt – 2000-07                                                 #16 Marty Flichel – 2002-03; 2004-12

#14 Andreas Sjolund – 1997-00                                       #21 Adam Huxley – 2009-12

#16 John Swanson – 2009-11                                          #22 Bryan Randall – 1998-00

#21 Derek Paget – 2001-04; 2008-09                           #23 Lee Svangstu – 1997-98; 1999-00

#22 Cal Ingraham – 1998-02                                          #24 Rob Dumas – 1997-00

#23 Matt Martin – 2000-01; 2002-03                         #31 Mark Johnson – KTVB

#24 Rick Bourbonnais – St. Louis Blues                     #32 Mario Therrien – 1997-99

#32 Mike Hanson – 2003-04                                        #33 Matt Case – 2011-13; 2014-15

#33 Jeremy Yablonski – 2006-07; 2013-14               #35  Will Gagnon – CenturyLink Arena

#35 Blair Allison –2001-05; 2006-07                         #41 Alain Savage – 1997-99

#41 Darrell Hay –2003-05; 2006-09


Several special guests will also join the Steelheads alumni for the exhibition. Steelheads television commentator Mark Broz will suit up for Team White along with Emmy Award-winning KTVB News anchor Mark Johnson. A pair of former NHLers will suit up for Team Blue, with former St. Louis Blues forward Rick Bourbonnais skating alongside Johnny MacMillan, who was a member of two Stanley Cup teams with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Following the game, fans will have the opportunity to meet their favorite alumni for pictures and autographs. Fans will also have the opportunity to meet former Steelheads broadcasters Will Hoenike and Britt Talbert, as well as the original “Voice of the Steelheads” Rob Simpson.

On March 24th, the Steelheads and their alumni will host a banquet for season-ticket holders. The event will include dinner, a meet-and-greet with the players, and a question-and-answer session hosted by Will Hoenike. The Kelly Cup will also be on hand for fans to have their picture taken.

The Steelheads 20th Anniversary Reunion Game will begin at 7:10 pm on March 25th, with doors opening at 6:30pm. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit Camp Rainbow Gold. For tickets, call the CenturyLink Arena Box Office at 331-TIXS or visit