Steelheads unveil new logos for 2017-18 season

Boise, ID (9/21/17) – The Steelheads will have a fresh new look when they hit the ice for Opening Night at CenturyLink Arena on October 13th. The team unveiled a refurbished primary logo on Thursday that will be used this season, as well as a new secondary logo that will be utilized on alternate jerseys going forward.

The Steelheads’ new primary mark preserves the features of their previous logo, with the vertical Steelhead fish underneath the team name. The logo has been altered with a different font and a new color scheme to offer a more sleek and modern dynamic.

“We felt the logo needed a refreshing. The balance of it certainly is better now,” said Eric Trapp, President of the Steelheads. “We think the design and the lettering are sharper, but we’re also preserving the mark our fans love and identify.”

The team will incorporate shades of black, silver, and navy blue in their uniforms.

“We’re going into our 21st season and it’s kind of the mark of a new era,” said Steelheads Head Coach Neil Graham. “It’s important to remember where we came from, but it’s also important to evolve and stay current.”

The new alternate logo and third jerseys added this season will be more unique, worn at select home games during the season. Again it serves as an effort to modernize a variety of looks that Steelheads fans know well.

The secondary logo includes the swooshing puck along the Boise River that the Steelheads featured in their ‘mountain-scape’ logo, which served as the primary logo through the late-2000s. The new logo design has replaced the mountains and trees in the background, with the new design having the puck sweeping across the state of Idaho.

“We’ve again incorporated the state of Idaho, which we thought was more appropriate branding for us. We’re proud of our home state and we love the iconic look of the state of Idaho,” said Trapp. “It’s a look that we think is dynamic and unique to our team.”

The Steelheads’ jerseys with the refurbished logo, and the new third jerseys, will be unveiled at a later date, closer to the start of the regular season.